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Autoretrato Fio

They call me Giuseppe Fioretti, I was born in Italy and I live in Barcelona. My most recent role was leading the brand design team @desigual 

I’m an artist in soul and Graphic Designer & Art director in practice. I really enjoy bringing to life brand identities and campaigns for brands that want to break some rules.

I would like to have lunch with the surrealists and the dadaists

Last project

The Urees upcycling project: Fusing artistry and sustainability in fashion @urees__

Sneakers collection campaign for @desigual in collaboration with

Re-branding @Desigual

Go back to the origins of Desigual, when the word was invented, what it really meant. Being 100% Desigual means going backwards.


Other Works

Zalio by Giuseppe Fió
Logo marianna carolina sale
Urees logo
menomale pizza logotype

My Hobbies

Draw, make art, create with people and shoot with my reflex.

Drawing by Giuseppe Fió
Skin is the new canvas by Claudia Sahuquillo
CACOPHOBIA by Giuseppe Fió
PEE PEE by Giuseppe Fió

This project is about the importance of the spectator in the art world.

“The art deserves fair importance, and should not be undervalued. Politicians, waiters, dancers, salespeople, secretaries, children… All of them are influenced by art in some way in their life. Recognizing the “conide” is a way to consider our ignorance and take art for what it is, a great dinner with friends where there is no one who knows how to eat better than the other.”

> “I have seen a Conide” – 2017


Expanding drawing

The experience of drawing with space.

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