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“inchiodiamo il passato”. Naples Italy, 2015 – Giuseppe Fioretti (Fiò)


The artwork “Inchiodiamo il passato” (2015) by Giuseppe Fioretti (Fiò) is a thought-provoking piece that challenges the traditional concept of books as an enduring symbol of knowledge and culture. The title, which translates to “Nail the Past,” sets the tone for a work that confronts the audience with the idea that the past can be destroyed or altered, and with it, our collective memory and cultural heritage.

The work consists of a large wooden cross with several books nailed to it, appearing to be crucified. The act of nailing books to a cross is a deliberate and provocative gesture that raises questions about the role of books in society and their value in the face of the constantly changing world.

The artist’s statement provides insight into the intense emotional experience of creating this work. The fear and doubt that the artist felt while hammering the books to the cross is palpable, emphasizing the weight and importance of the act. The idea that the destruction of a single book could lead to the end of the world is a powerful metaphor for the fragility of culture and knowledge.

“Inchiodiamo il passato” challenges us to reflect on our relationship with the past, and how we preserve and value our cultural heritage. The work suggests that we must be aware of the fragility of our past, and actively work to protect and preserve it. The artist’s use of a cross as a symbol for this message adds a spiritual dimension, emphasizing the importance of this work beyond its artistic and intellectual value.

In conclusion, “Inchiodiamo il passato” by Giuseppe Fioretti (Fiò) is a powerful work that uses provocative imagery and symbolism to challenge our understanding of books as a symbol of knowledge and culture. The work demands that we reflect on the fragility of our past, and the importance of actively working to protect and preserve our cultural heritage.